about us

We are experienced custom and new home builders in Delaware, owning and operating A&E Building Service as well as A&E Property Solutions, a real estate investment and rental property company. From building quality homes and revitalizing places that would otherwise be forgotten, to offering people a chance to partner and receive a competitive return, A&E is always striving to be a trusted resource in our community.  

Albert and Elmina Miller founded A&E Building Service in 2007 but their story began much sooner than that. Both of them were raised in the Amish community of Dover, Delaware. At age 12, Albert began working in the construction field with his family. By the age of 16, he was a full-time bricklayer. Eventually, he started his own business framing houses across Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. In 1997, Albert and Elmina made the difficult decision to leave the Amish community. Although it was a tough decision, they both remain grateful for the work ethic and discipline they were taught growing up.

Albert continued in the construction-framing field for the next ten years until the real estate crash in 2008 began affecting business. In 2014, Albert stepped into the real estate world to pursue his passion for renovating homes that were in really bad shape. He participated in a year-long coaching program through DelREIA, with Mike Ferris, and learned a lot about real estate investing. It was in January of 2017, that Albert went all-in with the real estate business to work full time for A&E Building Service. In the year 2020, we grew to a team of 12 including a student intern from Polytech High School.

We believe our company exceeds industry standards because at the core of our company are authentic and genuine people who believe that passion, integrity, outperforming, generosity and faith are crucial to success. We have a set of 7 core values that our company grounds itself on.

The entire team looks forward to many years ahead of fulfilling our vision,


Creating prosperity for the betterment of our communities.




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